Attic Bedroom Ideas with Various Theme

Some houses have attic and sometimes the space is not used properly. Even, some of them only use the attics as room or space to store some unused goods and other broken things. Of course, it should be more useful and there are attic bedroom ideas.

It is not a bad idea to have a bedroom in the attic. It is true that the space is associated with the dirty and dark place. Even, some people think it is scary spot. In fact, it can be turned into functional bedroom.

There are many kinds of ideas to choose. These will show you that your attic should be turned into something better and more useful. Even, attic bedroom can be more comfy and aesthetic compared to the common bedrooms.

  1. Attic bedroom with hanging chairs and plants

Attic bedroom with hanging chairs and plantsThere is something interesting about this attic bedroom. It has hanging chair and it becomes great decoration for the whole bedroom space. Then, on the corner, there is green plantation. It is nice plant with some small leaves.

In term of decoration, it shows great reference of attic bedroom ideas. It is painted in white. There are details of blue colors from the paintings and bed cover. Then, it has nice polished wooden floor.

  1. White chamber of attic bedroom

White chamber of attic bedroomThen, there is another great idea of the attic bedroom. The space of the attic is not too large, but it is enough to place a bed. There is also additional small room with nice wooden separator.

Since the space is limited, it is painted in white. The white tone in this room gives spacious look. Moreover, it gets nice windows on the roof that gives good look and it creates nice visual effect on the bedroom.

  1. Attic bedroom with sofa

Attic bedroom with sofaWhen you have spacious attic, this can become great attic bedroom ideas. The room looks spacious and its roof has different height, so there is corner with lower height.

Then, the space is quite big. That is why there is comfy sofa to find in the bedroom. Then, the bed is located in the unique place. For the bed, the floor is elevated, so it points out the bed, as if it is a throne.

  1. Blue and green attic bedroom


Blue and green attic bedroomThe next reference of attic bedroom ideas has nice combination of white, blue, and green its interior. White becomes the dominant color. Then, green and blue is added on some details of wall and bed cover.

The room is actually small, but it is managed well. Even, there can be nice cabinet and spot for sitting on the floor. There is carpet with zigzag pattern to sit comfortably on the floor.

  1. Attic bedroom in elegant and luxury look

Attic bedroom in elegant and luxury lookWhen you want to have something bold and elegant in your bedroom, this is great reference. This attic is turned into elegant space of bedroom with nice share of brown. Surely, it shows the bold and solid character.

It has no complicated details. There is only a bed in the middle of space and it is located in the same spot as the window. Then, there are two nightstands on both sides of bed.  In addition, it gets nice and small chandelier.

  1. Colorful attic bedroom

Colorful attic bedroomThose who love to play with colors will like this attic bedroom. The bedroom has some bright colors with white as the dominant. It is like painting a bedroom in a white paper.

Actually, this has no complicated details of ornaments. However, all parts of the bedroom have different colors. For example, there is unique chair colored in yellow. Then, the bed cover, pillow case, and other bed treatments get various colors with nice pattern.

  1. Rustic attic bedroom

Rustic attic bedroomThose who love adventure and forest, there is great reference of attic bedroom ideas. Its decoration really shows the great taste of adventure. Most of the room is dominated by wooden elements.

Then, the walls are painted with the texture of stone. It is made as if the bedroom is inside a cave. Then, the dominant color to see is dark brown. In order to create good vibe of adventure, there is also fireplace with some woodcuts.

  1. Simple and small attic bedroom


Simple and small attic bedroomSmall attic still can be turned into bedroom. In this case, the main part of bedroom is the bed itself. In case you want to see the reference, this can show you how the small space can be comfy.

The bedroom is small and it is located in the corner. On the center of attic, there is window. Then, on another corner, there is small chair. In order to make the space nicer, there is nice pot of green plant.

  1. Attic bedroom with bunk bed


Attic bedroom with bunk bedThe next reference of attic bedroom ideas gets spacious room. It gets great height and width. Then, this benefit is turned into great design of interior. Even, it has two beds with the concept of bunk bed.

Although it has good and large space, it does not have many ornaments. Instead, all parts of space are optimized properly. Even, the space under the window is turned into nice cabinet.

  1. Attic bedroom with details of wood roofing


Attic bedroom with details of wood roofingThis is another bedroom in small attic. However, its roof is not a perfect triangle, so it has nice shapes. That is why it is designed to give nice detail.

The roof is painted in white. However, there are also some wood bars. Actually, it is also part of construction. However, it is polished and painted, so it becomes nice part of decoration.

Then, the bed gets nice color of blue. The bed covers and other cases are in shades of blue. These have nice combination of light and dark blue, so the room is not boring.

  1. Attic bedroom with great details of ornaments


Attic bedroom with great details of ornamentsIt seems that the owner of this room does not want to get limited by the space. Although it is located in the attic, it is decorated as the common bedroom.

It is great option of the attic bedroom ideas. The bedroom is painted in brown. It has dark brown for the wall, and the roof is painted in white. For the flooring, there is nice carpet with pattern of square.

There are many photographs and other frames to find in the room. These are hung and arranged perfectly. There is also nice rustic chandelier hanging on the roof.

  1. Attic bedroom with two beds

Attic bedroom with two bedsIt is possible to have attic bedroom with two beds. Two single beds are installed and it is good insight for the attic bedroom ideas.

The two beds are separated by a small cabinet with nightstand on it. Then, there is also small window between the beds. That is why the concept of the room looks interesting. Moreover, there is small rug on the floor as another separator.

In term of color, it has great combination of blue and white. White is applied for the wall and roof. Then, blue is for the floor and details on the bed cover and pillow cases.

  1. Spacious attic bedroom with some windows


Spacious attic bedroom with some windowsThe space of this bedroom is extremely large. It seems that it is part of a big house. The attic looks so comfy since it is wide and there are only few details to find in this bedroom. There are no ornaments or decorative stuffs.

However, it gets complete sets of furniture. There is large bed and it is in queen size. Then, there is cabinet with nightstand next to the bed. There are also some comfy chairs with details of green color. Related to the windows, there are three windows in line. In addition, it also gets additional window with larger size.

  1. Attic bedroom with great combination of brown and black


Attic bedroom with great combination of brown and blackIt is another great concept of attic bedroom ideas. It is located in the spacious attic, and it is turned into exclusive and luxury bedroom.


For the color tone, it has domination of black and brown. Brown get bigger portion. The brown part has great texture of wood because of the material of its attic. In other words, the room is only polished without changing the color of the wood.

Then, the black part is dedicated for the spot around the bed. There is a nice rug under the bed. Then, there is nice painting in the combination of black and brown above the head of bed.

  1. Attic bedroom with youth vibe

Attic bedroom with youth vibeThis is the last reference of attic bedroom ideas. It is very suitable for teenagers who love modern design and technology. The room is decorated to have clean and organized look.

Point that makes it have youth vibe is the lighting. It has good spotlight in blue shade. There are spotted in some parts of furniture. The interior itself is made symmetrical, so it looks great.

Those are some awesome references of attic that can be turned into bedroom. The space is not big problem since it is only the matter of creativity in decorating the spot. In fact, there are a lot of great attic bedroom ideas to inspire you.

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